Thursday, 20 January 2011

A New To-Do Tab

Sorry I have been so busy this new year. New windows and a new front door. Too busy for much cloth unfortunately. But I have a new tab on the blog; my Textile To-Do List! It will be added to as and when I think of things I want to create, and hopefully things will get crossed out as they are done, but perhaps they will just evolve into other things.....

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Holidays, Gifts and a New Year

Firstly there was the wrapping; the bows took all day on Christmas Eve but it was worth it. 
 Then there was a present; this one was made for me by a fellow stitcher at work and isn't it great? She said she was inspired by my artsy stitching and had to try her hand at random stitches - I like the result. And isn't that bow and label just brilliant?!
 And then after Christmas I came home alone and started a little Holiday Cloth. Inspired by Jude of course. 
 I've been working on it after work every day this week. Work has been so busy this week. Isn't the time after Christmas and before New Year so odd? A dark and empty week full of strange times that always makes me want to watch Twin Peaks; which I did and stitched this during it; can you see a bit of Lynch darkness in there?
 And of course I finished the Winter Cloth before I started the Holiday Cloth. 
 Happy New Year everyone.