Monday, 29 August 2011

Collecting, Arranging, Listing; making order out of chaos?

a collection of moons and suns
 Very related to the Sun, Moon, Star workshop but also to work I started before joining the online class; just working through ideas here, collecting moons and cloths:
working on an idea that a moon can be a horseshoe...

...with a star inside

tea stained and lines drawn as future stitch guides
 Being in my studio is, in itself, calming. It slows you down. I like that. No rushing around in there.
wearing in (slowly) my DM's
 Following some of the Sun, Moon, Stars workshop videos I wanted to try out a flap idea here:
when a moon became a star or a sun

it grew flaps and points
 So the book art projects I need to work on next want to be very textile influenced which is why I am posting about them in both blogs. Here is my brainstorming/to-do board in the studio; the largest projects on there right now are: 1. BAO (book, art object); which is nearly finished. 2. Union Jack Teacosy; a felt project, something I am working on as a commission. 3. Al Mutanabbi St; a book art project
using the board as an idea/brainstorming/order out of chaos board
I am hoping that having this board up will help me organise myself!
Al Mutanabbi Street project ideas

Al Mutanabbi Street project ideas on the board

This post is a bit random and full of eclectic bits; its how I am feeling right now, but I am trying to order myself! I hope you will bear with me while I try to finish things and start new things and gain control again.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Needing to Slow Down

9 patch idea

laying out some of the WIP's in the studio

rainbow on the way home
embroidery mini boro ideas
tea staining again

 Bit restless; want to be doing 10 things at once, and end up doing tiny bits of some things and none to a satisfactory standard. Need to slow down. On the up side I have so many ideas right now, so I am sketching and taking notes to help me remember them all.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

If Suns and Moons and Stars Collide

Just some notes and sketches I made today while I was flitting around Jude's Sun Moon Stars workshop page. Taking Jude's idea of branching out a thought.... "the moon as...?" for instance. Brainstorming I guess.  The black felt meets cloth circle patch that is on the stripy cloth might become a "black hole sun" instead of a moon...
the sun as... a black hole?
the moon as... stitch?

the sky as... clouds?
the moon as... a spiral staircase?

Where the Sky meets the edge of the Moon

I'm back from Wales and this is the beautiful sky that greeted me. While away I did a very small amount of stitching...
 Some edges,
 where the sky meets the moon.

I have signed up for Jude's Sun Moon Stars online workshop which is not in 'real time' anymore but will still be useful to me I think. I am looking forward to finding my way round the interactive site and hopefully meeting some new blog friends along the way. Of course I will continue to post here too and show my progress. Today is a very autumnal day; blustery, wet and slightly chilly; a good day to stitch perhaps?

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

And the winner is....


Well done Jacky! I hope we get to see some pictures of you including it in your Magic Diary Cloth soon... I will email you to get your address.

If you didn't win and fancy a patch for your very own they are still for sale (at a very reasonable price!) in my shop...

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Monday, 15 August 2011

*giveaway* of a small harvest moon patch

So here is my first giveaway; a patch of felt meets cloth for you to use how you will. You could use it in a larger cloth, use it to patch a piece of clothing, to add a moon to an autumnal art cloth.....
size: 9 x 11 cm
Please leave a comment with your name and how you think you might use the patch if you win. Make sure you are contactable [email link], and, as I am going away this weekend, I will be randomly picking a winner on Tuesday 23rd August.
back view
Good luck!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Feathers, Moons, a *giveaway*, and some travel stitches

Ok, so I am sure you have all heard of Jude's call for feathers?
click here
If not check it out and get stitching a feather or two, its for a good cause! Mine is in the pipe line, just need a calm moment to start.
Also still on the thought of feathers, look what I found on etsy by Vanessa Villarreal, beautiful huh?
click here
click here
Moons, a *giveaway*, and some travel stitches
So I mentioned the moons last time, I hope to have the patches up in the shop by tomorrow or Tuesday, I am also going to do a *giveaway* in the next few days so watch this space stitchers!
I went to a friends wedding on Friday and took my bookmark wip with me on the train. It was a little cramped for the activity but I managed a little bit:

The stitching round the moon is a wonderful hand dyed cotton thread I picked up at the K&S show last year from the Oliver Twists stand; doesn't it go so well with the felt colours? They are a mail order company I think, but you can also get some of them online here, I was using colour no. 001 if you were wondering.

Right so now its a relaxing Sunday afternoon and I need to do boring things like washing clothes and hoovering. Hopefully I will get some stitching in there too.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Harvest Moon Patches and a New Cloth

Had a really productive day in the studio, taking photos of previous small cloths for the shop, and making some new felt meets cloth patches; some autumn harvest moons:
merino wool & tea stained muslin 
merino wool & linen cotton
merino wool & tea stained muslin 
These will be going up in the shop on Monday.
an array of harvest moons

a WIP; harvest moon bookmark
 This will be too when its finished. 

I have also been playing with a new cloth. Its a work in progress, might be a slow one. May even see me to winter? Lets see how it goes. Its still small, but on the larger side of small, and could grow of course...