Monday, 29 August 2011

Collecting, Arranging, Listing; making order out of chaos?

a collection of moons and suns
 Very related to the Sun, Moon, Star workshop but also to work I started before joining the online class; just working through ideas here, collecting moons and cloths:
working on an idea that a moon can be a horseshoe...

...with a star inside

tea stained and lines drawn as future stitch guides
 Being in my studio is, in itself, calming. It slows you down. I like that. No rushing around in there.
wearing in (slowly) my DM's
 Following some of the Sun, Moon, Stars workshop videos I wanted to try out a flap idea here:
when a moon became a star or a sun

it grew flaps and points
 So the book art projects I need to work on next want to be very textile influenced which is why I am posting about them in both blogs. Here is my brainstorming/to-do board in the studio; the largest projects on there right now are: 1. BAO (book, art object); which is nearly finished. 2. Union Jack Teacosy; a felt project, something I am working on as a commission. 3. Al Mutanabbi St; a book art project
using the board as an idea/brainstorming/order out of chaos board
I am hoping that having this board up will help me organise myself!
Al Mutanabbi Street project ideas

Al Mutanabbi Street project ideas on the board

This post is a bit random and full of eclectic bits; its how I am feeling right now, but I am trying to order myself! I hope you will bear with me while I try to finish things and start new things and gain control again.


  1. don't gain too much control! i like a studio with a little bit of chaos :) good luck finishing the BAO so i can see some new work!

  2. like the eyelet type cloth you chose where you gave the moon points and flaps.

  3. I found that in the street over a year ago. It was a white pillowcase which had been left out with some other scraps for someone to make use of, old and very soft. I have used bits of it in other small cloth's, but this bit I tea-stained before using.