Sunday, 14 August 2011

Feathers, Moons, a *giveaway*, and some travel stitches

Ok, so I am sure you have all heard of Jude's call for feathers?
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If not check it out and get stitching a feather or two, its for a good cause! Mine is in the pipe line, just need a calm moment to start.
Also still on the thought of feathers, look what I found on etsy by Vanessa Villarreal, beautiful huh?
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Moons, a *giveaway*, and some travel stitches
So I mentioned the moons last time, I hope to have the patches up in the shop by tomorrow or Tuesday, I am also going to do a *giveaway* in the next few days so watch this space stitchers!
I went to a friends wedding on Friday and took my bookmark wip with me on the train. It was a little cramped for the activity but I managed a little bit:

The stitching round the moon is a wonderful hand dyed cotton thread I picked up at the K&S show last year from the Oliver Twists stand; doesn't it go so well with the felt colours? They are a mail order company I think, but you can also get some of them online here, I was using colour no. 001 if you were wondering.

Right so now its a relaxing Sunday afternoon and I need to do boring things like washing clothes and hoovering. Hopefully I will get some stitching in there too.

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