Monday, 21 October 2013

Inspirational Felting Videos

So, this blog is getting a bit thin isn't it?! I've been unwell, and not up for blogging much at all, so sorry, but thats just how things go; but I'm getting better so wanted to come back and make sure I didn't just let this all go. I have been felting still, and I'll show you what I've been up to soon. Until then I have been thinking about doing this post for a long time and want to finally post it up. A list of online felting videos; amazing, inspirational, and fun ones, not just the bog-standard "this is how you felt" youtube vids. So here goes:

In at #6 - Mongolian Felt Making

In at #5 - Pure Felt wall art by Diane Schepers

PURE FELT: wall art & architectural wall felts by Dianne Schepers [HD] from Pure Felt on Vimeo.

In at #4 - Bita Ghezelayagh - Feltmaking in Iran

In at #3 - Diana Nagorna - The History of One Dress

Up at #2 - Irene van der Wolf - Kunstwolf - Upwolfing

So here we have my favourite at #1 - On Gentle Threads (About Feltmaking) - Judit Pocs

This one cannot be embedded so here is the link: (and thanks to Deborah from Felters Journey for posting this one a few months ago)

I hope you all enjoy watching these, maybe there are some you have not seen before; and if you know of any that are just as good as these please please let me know, post a link in the comments and I'll check them out!

Happy Felting!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Felted Cat Mats {tested by a cat}

So my friend kindly allowed me to use her cat Chin Chin as a model for the first cat mat! This mat is shown on the floor, but it can be used anywhere; it is particularly good for your cat's favourite sleeping spot on your sofa or bed to save from cat hair and clawing. 
 At first Chin Chin wasn't too sure about the mat...
 then, she started to warm to it...
 and then attack/play with it...
  and then she really fell in love with it::
 In the end it was really hard to get the mat back off her! I'll have to donate it to her as a thank you once I've made more!
So from September I will be taking orders for these improved cat mats - if you want one in time for Christmas get in touch - they will be £30 + P&P (add £6 to that if you want it to be personalised with the name of the pet!) and made to order; I'm happy to post abroad if you need to, and can gift wrap for a little extra. Comment, email or facebook me if you are interested! xxx

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Cat Mat Prototype {or the Giant Comma}

  So, the first cat mat/rug/bed prototype, in the shape of a giant comma! 
 I created a pattern from newspaper roughly the size I wanted the mat to end up, then cut a template from foam inlay sheeting around 35% bigger. 
 My first few layers were black merino, then one thin layer of light grey swaledale...
 some more black merino, and topped off with a batt of brown welsh fibre. I was really just using up some fibres I had leftover so the combo wasn't exactly thought out too much; an experiment.
 It took up the whole of my dining table, and made me realise I have no large bits of bubble wrap anymore; I had to use two strips overlapped - not ideal!
 Alot of wetting out, rubbing, rolling & throwing later and it was coming together; but (and I knew this would be the case as I was using swaledale which is very coarse, and welsh, which felts slowly) it wasn't hardening quite as much as i'd like. 
 To harden as much as possible I used my bamboo blind and it shrank almost exactly how I predicted. It still remains pretty soft and not really very hard, which is nice, but also probably not great for longevity. 
 I know the next prototype I want to use Finnish fibres, and perhaps some BFL, as I know they will harden up much more. 
But I do like this swaledale coming through the layers; adds some great colour and texture. 
So, when this is dry I'm going to test it out on a friends cat, see how they like my giant felted comma!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Photos of the Berwick Workshops at The Corner House Cafe

Wet Felting Workshop

Wet Felting Workshop

Supervising my sister when she felts a purse

Supervising my sister when she felts a purse

Youngest Felter? My nephew getting stuck into the rolling process!

Needle Felting Workshop

Needle Felting Workshop

Needle Felting Workshop

Needle Felting Workshop

Needle Felting Workshop at The Corner House Cafe

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Berwick Arts & Crafts Festival 2013

So, we did it! My sister and I shared a stall at the Berwick Arts & Crafts Festival on Sunday 28th July, and it went well! Here are some photos of our stall set out; her business name is My Apple Tree and she makes some wonderful baby-proof necklaces out of recycled jersey t-shirts, and beautiful bunting from old fabrics.

We had a great time, and despite the rain, or maybe because of it, there was a decent sized stream of people visiting the fair; we had a few sales and also got people signed up to our feltmaking workshops that we were holding the week after. More on those soon!

Thanks to the organisers of the festival, had a great time, and maybe see you next year!