Monday, 21 October 2013

Inspirational Felting Videos

So, this blog is getting a bit thin isn't it?! I've been unwell, and not up for blogging much at all, so sorry, but thats just how things go; but I'm getting better so wanted to come back and make sure I didn't just let this all go. I have been felting still, and I'll show you what I've been up to soon. Until then I have been thinking about doing this post for a long time and want to finally post it up. A list of online felting videos; amazing, inspirational, and fun ones, not just the bog-standard "this is how you felt" youtube vids. So here goes:

In at #6 - Mongolian Felt Making

In at #5 - Pure Felt wall art by Diane Schepers

PURE FELT: wall art & architectural wall felts by Dianne Schepers [HD] from Pure Felt on Vimeo.

In at #4 - Bita Ghezelayagh - Feltmaking in Iran

In at #3 - Diana Nagorna - The History of One Dress

Up at #2 - Irene van der Wolf - Kunstwolf - Upwolfing

So here we have my favourite at #1 - On Gentle Threads (About Feltmaking) - Judit Pocs

This one cannot be embedded so here is the link: (and thanks to Deborah from Felters Journey for posting this one a few months ago)

I hope you all enjoy watching these, maybe there are some you have not seen before; and if you know of any that are just as good as these please please let me know, post a link in the comments and I'll check them out!

Happy Felting!

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