Thursday, 29 August 2013

Felted Cat Mats {tested by a cat}

So my friend kindly allowed me to use her cat Chin Chin as a model for the first cat mat! This mat is shown on the floor, but it can be used anywhere; it is particularly good for your cat's favourite sleeping spot on your sofa or bed to save from cat hair and clawing. 
 At first Chin Chin wasn't too sure about the mat...
 then, she started to warm to it...
 and then attack/play with it...
  and then she really fell in love with it::
 In the end it was really hard to get the mat back off her! I'll have to donate it to her as a thank you once I've made more!
So from September I will be taking orders for these improved cat mats - if you want one in time for Christmas get in touch - they will be £30 + P&P (add £6 to that if you want it to be personalised with the name of the pet!) and made to order; I'm happy to post abroad if you need to, and can gift wrap for a little extra. Comment, email or facebook me if you are interested! xxx

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