Saturday, 6 August 2011

Stitching Felt

adding stitches to felt patches
 Inbetween work on my fake archive I have been stitching into scraps and patches of tester felt. This one was a tester for the piece I made last year; Checkered Openings. I like to use up the tester bits and also want to start making small cloths that incorporate more of my handmade felt so this is the first go at it. We shall see how it develops...
adding stitches to felt patches
And thank you to Heike from Gerdiary for sending my purchased fabric pack so quickly. I love her work and her natural dyed fabrics and scraps that she sells in her online shop; this apricot pack will be so useful to me. Keep your eyes out for bits of them in my upcoming works! And get your own before they sell out...
pick up your own pack here

pick up your own pack here


  1. oooh! i want the leaf printed fabric! that apricot is such a nice colour, so you know what it's dyed with?

  2. - avacado and madder I believe she uses