Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Felt Brooch Kits

I have finally got around to making up some felting kits. These are cute little kits to make your own brooch with. I love picking out all the fibres and mixing colours and picking and matching buttons to go with the wool!

Each kit comes with enough wool roving to make the brooch, some netting, some decorative bits of yarn and ribbon, buttons and a brooch pin. A little instruction booklet with pictures is also included.
I am going to be selling these at my open studios next week and at Tea & Make's first craft event in August. If they go down well I will start selling them online too.


  1. Great idea! I missed your open studios but I'm looking forward to see these lovely packs in the flesh at the Tea & Make event. See you there!

  2. these look gorgeous abi :)