Saturday, 2 January 2010

Wise Words to bring in 2010

I have just been reading some of the blogs I follow and have found a post with the wisest words you are going to hear all year. Elizabeth's blog 'Studiofelter' is one I regularly read and thoroughly enjoy seeing her work, it is, as I am sure you will agree, amazing work. Her post reminded me that its ok to feel stuck when in the studio, but the trick is to 'just start'! And its the advice I needed to stop myself from worrying about getting it all wrong and making a mess of things. Thank you Elizabeth.

So now here are some images of some work I started on News Years Day:

I took an piece of abandoned knitting I did ages ago and added some orange embroidery thread, I just wanted to see what happened, and if I could reserect something that was long forgotten.

This piece is a new beginning. I took a piece of felt I had made a few months ago while demonstrating the technique in a workshop and cut it into a long thin strip. I played around with different bits and in the end added a strip of an old painting with machine stitching on, I secured this with a piece of scrim and some orange zig zag stitching. The green circle is yet to be attached. It is another piece of handmade felt cut into a circle, and although I think the colour works really well, I am unsure of the placement. Something to work on.

I hope everyone can benefit from Elizabeths wise words of advice. The need to make is there in all of us. Just start. Happy making everyone.

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  1. I follow Elizabeth's blog, too and was very inspired (re-inspired) by her words. We must all remind each other of these words when we're half way through the new year and our muses are waning... :>]]

    Happy making to you as well!