Friday, 12 March 2010

Recent Felting Activity

So those two above are of a very large piece of felt I made this week; dry and in mid rolling - I used some lovely 'Spring Green' plant dyed wool from Wingham Wool Works that I have been hanging on to for a while. The piece has now been posted to my talented sister who is currently making a surprise something for Mothers Day... collaboration of the creative daughters - will post a few pics when its done!

This is a detail of a small piece of merino felt with some skrim added to the surface.

This is an experiment with some white merino and some muslin.

And this is an experiment with contrasting colours and cutting shapes out at the prefelt stage.
Its been a busy felting week!


  1. I love the colors you're using!

  2. Thanks Deborah, I fell in love with that almost petrol blue when I saw it at the Texere Yarns stall at the K&S show last year, goes with so many colours. And that spring green, just lush. :)

  3. So glad I discovered your blog. Love your felting experiments. The scrim and muslin ones look great.

  4. Yeah I am hoping to do that combo more, I love the texture it creates.