Thursday, 16 September 2010

Holiday Mini Cloth - Cornwall

I felt attached to this cloth during my holiday, even when I put it down to go walking in the amazing scenery and along the coastal paths we were connected somehow. Hand to cloth again, feels so good. A perfect weight; satisfying, with the freedom of guilt free time together. 
Hope this is the start of something new, or something old but forgotten? Either way I am content and ready to set this one aside to make room for other cloth connections. 


  1. Abigail your mini cloth is so beautiful and I see a connection with the nature you have walked in on your holiday.

  2. all your little stitches are wonderful.

  3. thanks ladies, each stitch is a little connection

  4. so beautiful -- the cloth and the scenery. i've had a bad case of wanting to wander lately. you just made it soooo much worse:)

  5. i thank you so much for this. for being able
    to go where you go, see what you see there,
    even if it is in this way. it is the only
    way i have.
    i like that cloth accompanied you, informed
    your hand as you stitched your sense of what
    you saw.
    in gratitude.........g

  6. every new cloth you make i love more than the last one! *cough* its my birthday coming up...ill shut my eyes for the 'jo's birthday smallcloth' post :D

    lovely stitching, also i need to have words with you about bits of felt i might need you to make me :)

  7. wandering is good for you - go wander somewhere quiet

    thanks Grace "stitching my sense of what I saw" - thats such an eloquent way to put it

    and to my sister - thank you; and yes indeed your birthday is on the horizon, I can see it if I squint my eye... bits of felt yes do ring me again soon x

  8. I love the idea of connection through cloth and stitch and also the small scale of this cloth.

  9. Beautiful! That's real art! I also have a vacation in Cornwall and I something like that in one of the Cornwall holiday cottages. I am pretty amazed!

  10. Great place! I'd love to have a vacation in your place. Well done on your cloth. Beautiful!