Monday, 10 October 2011

Wearing Wool

I've been thinking about using my stash of wool yarn, and also the new additions from the K&S show. It's the colours and textures that draw me in, the way skeins are twisted and presented as wonderful objects in themselves. It gets me thinking... What if yarn can be a necklace? 

Then I see this little book; and I buy it, and I love it, and I start to make my own.

Using some wonderful wool yarn from the Colinette stall last year and some of that amazing hemp yarn that I bought yesterday from the House of Hemp stall I started my own variations.


  1. yes please!!!!! very nice colourway.

  2. Ha, fun necklace !
    But that STASH of the last post ....!!!!! Wow ! Real goodies !

  3. Yeah lots of goodies! Hopefully they will keep me going for a while!

  4. Great necklace. I love the fleck of orange running through it and then the orange wool used to finish.

    It is a fun necklace. I like that idea.

    Jacky xox

  5. Thanks Jacky! I fell in love with that orange colour this year.

  6. Excellent idea!