Saturday, 29 May 2010

natural felt balls in the highlands

So I went to the highlands of Scotland last week for a wedding; after which my family and I went for a walk up a hill near Loch Ness and look what I saw:

Felt balls on a barbed wire fence! Fantastic! The highland bulls must rub past the barbed wire and the hair gathers around the barbs until it felts together to create a string of felt beads along the fence - natural felting - fantastic. Here is a pic of the beastie that must have caused this phenomenon:


  1. How very wonderful - so glad you were able to get pix & share them with us! I had a great chuckle :>]]

  2. quite wonderful how these are naturally formed, and also seem like music notes on the lines of a staff...

  3. they are great aren't they?! music notes; yes i see it