Sunday, 17 October 2010

Felted Teacosies

Made lots of notes during this felting session; things to change, adapt and rediscover. Weights and widths, thicknesses and lengths. How quickly it felts, how much it shrinks in different areas. Hopefully all useful information to keep and use again. 
All in preparation for a pre-Christmas farmers market stall in December with my very talented sister


  1. i think the hearts look better than you think! so sweet. if youre worried you could stitch around the lines but i think theyre lovely :) and good colours, our stall will be nicely co-ordinated!

  2. Yeah. As I said in text, they are gorgeous colours. Still think a bit of silver thread could make it more festive. Since felted tea cosies are not washed, there is no reason why you couldn't use metal wire, woven in somehow; or buttons. Do you want to have another go through Grandma's button box?

  3. Yeah I was going to put some buttons on the loop at the top to hide the few stitches I want to make just to secure the loop in a heart shape. Metal wire might get quite hot when the pot is under it; plus it will make holes in my bubble wrap, but its an intruiging idea. Going to make one at the weekend that has those volcano craters on the surface; see this sample here: