Saturday, 30 October 2010

Harvest WIP's

So here are most of my WIP's all laid out. The pears will be made into Pear and Almond Cake later on today. The stuffed hearts are most likely ending up as gifts or will be sold at the craft fair I am doing in December. The needled hearts I need to make more of, might string them together or sell them individually. The piece on the right is an old WIP you may recognise, but I chopped it in half recently; feels much better to work on now. The piece on the left is my double sided black moon weave.

You can go to the flickr image of the above and read the notes on each item here

My double sided black moon weave; which I cannot put my finger on yet; something will happen with it soon I hope. I needle felted black wool into a circle on this blue poly cloth, then wet felted it to finish and get the nice bunching. I am now weaving the edges to of the blue cloth with some linen cotton to see what happens. Progress is slow. 

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  1. i like the idea of thinking about creativity as harvesting . thoughts.