Thursday, 3 June 2010

textile bundles

So bundles, yes, bundles. I have been inadvertantly making textile bundles since my degree and its only now that I have started to make them with a certain purpose. The ideas behind them are those of archaeology, mysticism and archives. Documentation as bundles; bundles and a form of archive; a repository for memories?

Anyway; they are certainly going somewhere. . .


  1. That´s good... especially in the cardbord boxes... did you put the white lining in "with a certain purpose" too? - thanks for the inspiration to think about alternative use of felt wool, I have big bags of it here, but don´t felt any more...

  2. well the lining was there already - but its something I really like - thinking about pinning some of them like dead moths in a cabinet...

  3. well as you know already, you're textile bundles have completely inspired me abigail! i love them!

    they remind me of the medicine bundles i used to put together... i would wrap different fabrics around a special object and with intention wrap the thread to secure the bundle. to me they became amulets/talismans. i'm in the works of creating new medicine bundles, after seeing your fabulous textile bundles on flickr. will be posting them soon...

    really love how you say your inspiration behind them is archeological, they really do look like found artifacts, cataloged with the little white tags and displayed. love it! thanks so much for the awesome inspiration!


  4. These are beautiful Abigail! Great little compositions, loaded with meaning. I'd love to see lots of them all displayed together.

  5. abigail, the words "natural history" have
    always fascinated me. even before i knew
    exactly what they meant. as in maybe 5,6yrs old? the Natural History Museum in Detroit
    i remember looking and really, being so "pure"
    then, so "innocent of life", that i was just
    in total awe.
    that sense of "natural" history has remained
    with me to this day and in these bundles, i
    get the same sense of wonder and amazement...
    i look at them and think...What IS IT that we
    ARE as human beings????
    artifacts. They are artifacts to the experience of a woman in this period of time,
    in this stage of the evolution of the human
    just so so so excellent. so very Fine.
    thank you.

  6. thanks Jennlui; your own bundles are just wonderful - bundles are the way forward!
    Amanda - yes I share your need to see more; alot more
    Deb: thanks as always for your encouraging comments
    and Grace; I thank you too, its so good to hear that others feel such passion when they see something, that somethings just sing to us; wonder is a good word


  7. Hi Abigail,

    I am so glad I found you while strolling through different blogs.
    You have piqued my interest with your little fabric bundles and referring to them as Archeological Bundles.
    I have been sewing since very little and one of my dreams back then was to be an Archeologist.I would still love to be one if I could...many moons later!!

    You gave my soul a jump start into thinking of combining art with my long time dream of things that are ancient and old in which speak volumes of the past mingling with the whispers of future creations.

    Thank you,

    Hugs and Smiles,

    Art of Mine