Monday, 21 June 2010

scarf experiments

Tried out some nuno felt scarves with muslin. Cant seem to get this second image to flip round the right way - blogger image upload seems to have a mind of its own these days.


  1. Blooger image upload DOES have a mind of it's own these days!! Love the scarves. I have done some muslin, but I think the fine weave is better. Hard to find in the country areas.


  2. yeah i'd like to try out a range of different muslins; i like this cheesecloth open weave for summer/spring scarves - seems lighter - and i like how the weave distorts in the felting process too

  3. Love the greeny yellow colours and the open weave is a very nice texture. I like working with gauze as well.

  4. Beautiful experiment -
    I have been lucky enough to be gifted a similar scarf - made by Angela (A life of felt) and it is beautiful, I love the way the felt becomes transparent and as soft and 'floaty'as the silk chiffon she felted it too. You are right, they are perfect for summer and spring.

  5. thanks guys! yeah I had hoped to get some more done before the open studios but time has been against me and I don't think I am going to get a spare moment to do any more before the weekend - oh well - maybe I can do some while the visitors are coming around - live felting demo?!