Thursday, 25 July 2013

Forest Moon Teacosy {& an attempt at semi-decent photography}

The third teacosy in as many days, and this one is called Forest Moon::

Forest Moon Teacosy
Forest Moon was made in the same way as the Corner Cross teacosy, with the base layer as Norwegian fibres and the rest as a mix of Merino colours. I have to say, I'm a bit in love with this teacosy! If it doesn't sell at the fair this weekend, then I might have to keep it for myself....

Corner Cross Teacosy
So anyway, once that was done I thought I should attempt to take some semi-decent photos of the teacosies before I pack them into my (very very very full) suitcase! I have been thinking alot about how to take decent photos for selling things on Etsy, and came to the conclusion that I just wasn't very good at photography! But here I am attempting to make myself better at it. Results below; the light could have been a bit better I think, and maybe they are a bit too boring (background is just boring) for using on Etsy, but they are better than a bubble wrap/towel background!!
Corner Cross & Forest Moon Teacosies
Reverse sides of both Corner Cross & Forest Moon Teacosies
I think perhaps my use of props could improve; I love my Poole pottery teacup with these teacosies though.

Forest Moon Teacosy
Loops & chipped nail polish!
Reverse sides of both Corner Cross & Forest Moon Teacosies
And another photo of the experiment reject; Twin Moons:
Twin Moons Teacosy
Right, so, that done I need to pack them with the other stall products and stuff, and the rest of the felting equipment for the workshops, and then find room for some clothes..... wish me luck!

Ps. There are still places left for all three workshops in Berwick next week - ring or email me or comment here if you would like to book a place! Contact details on the workshops page. 

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