Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Twin Moons & Corner Cross Felted Teacosies

Twin Moons Teacosy

So this was my latest teacosy experiment, here it is drying out - I tried mixing Norwegian Grey fibre with Merino fibres; the first three layers are Norwegian wool, the next three merino, including the design. I really like the way the fibres came through, but maybe its blurred out the design a little too much; next time less Norwegian fibres, more merino, and a more defined design.... I still like the moons and sky part, so will try to use this again on something else. The design came about from reading too many fantasy novels, where the landscape is always slightly different to our own. 

Corner Cross Teacosy

This was the next teacosy; here I've used just one layer of Norwegian wool as the base layer (inside), and the rest is Merino of varying colours. The criss cross pattern was made using Finnish pencil roving; making this a three-sheep teacosy! This teacosy was designed and made with a specific place in mind; The Corner House cafe in Berwick-upon-Tweed, where I am doing my latest workshops next week - although I've not visited before, from what I can tell from the pictures online they have these kind of colours in their decor; creams, sage green, maroons and dusky pinks - so here's hoping when it gets there it looks good in its surroundings!

Teacosies in progress


  1. Ooh these are lovely Abigail! What a wonderful theme and you've evoked hazy night skies beautifully. I don't suppose you will be running any felting workshops down Brighton way in September? I'll be spending the whole month there, (trying to learn to walk barefoot on the "sand"! ;-) )

  2. Hello! Thanks! I'm afraid the only workshops I'm doing in September are up near Cambridge - I don't know Brighton well enough to be able to find a cheap venue and promote it. Shame, would be great to see you! Maybe you fancy a trip to the Cambridgeshire countryside?! No sand, but nice trees!

  3. Yes I went to Cambridge last year in June and the maximum was 12deg and rainy. We hardly get that cold during the day here in winter!! but it was still beautiful. No I don't think I can make it this time, but maybe we could meet again in London?