Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Too hot to felt?


It's never too hot to felt! Or is it.......?!

So it's nearly time for me to leave London and travel to Northumberland to visit my sister, and take part in the Berwick Arts & Crafts Festival! We have a stall at the fair on Sunday 28th July, and we are running several feltmaking workshops the week after (see the new workshop tab above for details). So, I have quite a few things left to felt, to be ready; but I've been putting it off in this heat..... now it's time to brave the rubbing and rolling and get to it, with many ice cold drinks at the ready!

Above is a picture I took of my test stall layout for the Fowlmere Craft Fayre a few weeks back. I stupidly didn't take any photos of the actual fair! I was a bit overwhelmed by doing demos with kids!
Below is a picture of a wonderful book and my experiements with the fantastic UPWOLFING technique of felting that the Dutch artist Irene van der Wolf teaches. Her website has some fantastic videos on and you can buy her books & felting equipment there too; check it out:

 The textures you can create with this UPWOLFING foam mat are just great; and so playful! Can't wait to use it to make a fun teacosy with crazy protrusions! 


  1. where oh where can i get one of these mats???

    1. they are brilliant!

    2. they are brilliant!